Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Little Behind...

OK, so I've been a little late on getting a new entry on here! I am back in classes and getting stressed again! But I am now down to 1 year left. The following slideshow is a few pictures from Christmas time, Kacie's school program, Christmas with the fam, our trip to GI for Christmas with Jay's family and Jake's 13th birthday. We had a great break with lots of time to spend with family. We spent Christmas day at my parents' and that evening Kacie and Jay went to the farm while I had to work. The day after Christmas we went to GI with all of Jay's family to just hang out and let the kids shop with their gift money. The following weekend Court, Jake and Brent came to Mom and Dad's so we had Christmas with them on Friday. On the 30th was Jake's bday, so we got to spend it with him, as well. It was a great time! Court and Jake got a new kitty, Hemi, from Brent's aunt and uncle and she got to spend the weekend with us, too, since she was not "feeling well". Court had a little accident...accidently slammed Hemi's head in the car door, but she is doing fine now, thankfully. It was quiet dramatic for both the cat and Courtney!!

New Slideshow!