Friday, October 10, 2008

FINALLY...An update!

Everyone has been after me to update, so here goes! I do have some new things going on in life, but no fun pictures like the rest of you. First off...the black sheep of the Arenz family has showed her face again! Yep, that'd be me! Kacie is going to be a big sister the end of January. We are pretty sure we are getting another girl according to the last ultrasound. I am not going to school this year, as my "surprise" will affect clinicals and such, plus I was horribly sick for the first couple of months. I am fairly sure this was God's way of telling me - "You dumb girl! You know better than to test Me!" We are very excited though and can't wait to meet our new little miss. I can definitely tell a huge difference in having 10 years between kids. My body is not handling this like it did last time. WOW! Now that I have thrown you all for a tremendous loop, I am signing off. I will try to do better keeping you updated on what is happening, although I'm sure there won't be much for awhile! Can you tell that I am getting impatient already?! Serves me right!


sixbehrs said...

I will pray for you, that you won't feel rotten, and that you can get through this ok. You know what? We all make mistakes, but the thing is, in this case, God is giving you a tiny little person to care for and love. Yes, it may be hard, but you have a lot of people who care about you.

Blackmans said...

WOW!! Congrats! That is so exciting! We will be praying for you that things go well from here.