Friday, March 6, 2009

Back to Work

I'm just posting a note to have all of you prayer warriors pray for Ansley, me and our family this weekend. I have to go back to work starting tonight and I am HATING it!! I will work all night tonight, then tomorrow Ansley has to get her first shots, and then I have to work all day Sunday. Ansley will be staying with Mom and Dad and big sis tonight and possibly with Jay's family on Sunday. I just want everything to go smoothly for Mom tonight and I'm nervous about Ansley staying with Jay's family as she hasn't spent as much time with them. I just worry about her being miserable without me! It has definitely hit me how incredible it is to be a mom! I am in awe of how important I am to such a tiny little person. Anyway... I hope you will keep us all in your prayers this weekend. Thanks in advance!

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sixbehrs said...

I will pray for a smooth transition for all of you. That is really hard...I remember going back to work, although I was fortunate to only have 1/2 days, so that helped.